Mac Narrad

The protagonist
Now you know the name of the protagonist. It’s Mac Narrad. He’s 21 years old and at the beginning of the book he is a spacer in the Earth military. Spacer is the lowest rank. He hasn’t been in the military long enough to do anything worthy of advancement but he isn’t in the military to become the next general, the highest rank in the military. There is only one general. He controls everything.

Mac isn’t trying to make a career out of the military. He enlisted because he is looking for someone.

When he was a kid. Right before the war with the aliens started. Mac’s childhood sweetheart was taken right in front of his eyes. Abducted. There was nothing he could do.

The only way to find her was to join the military. The Narrads arn’t wealthy enough to go hunting for abducted children in space and Mac had searched long enough to rule out his friend being on Earth somewhere. He either had to give up the search or join the military.

So he went against his family. He got the Imp surgery, and expanded his search.

The Narrads
Mac grew up in the Luddite village of Passage. Besides his mom and dad he has one brother, two twin sisters, and one older sister who is married and has one young son.

All of them are in Northgate when it gets destroyed. Because none of them have Imps the only way Mac can find out if they are alive or not is to get to Northgate and look for them himself.

The Spine of Action
The spine of action for the trilogy is Mac trying to find his childhood sweetheart. That is the overall question that Mac will try to answer for all three books but there are also self contained problems and mysteries for each book that he has to deal with.

Finding out what happened to his family is one of the big questions of book one.  The answer leads to further complications and it opens a whole new set of issues. The story drops into a whole new level of antagonism. A new question comes up that needs to be answered and the story progresses.

I wish I could tell you more but I’m afraid that I’m going to spoil it for you.

It won’t be too much longer before you can read the excitement for yourself.

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