Lynn Ryder

Who is Lynn Ryder?
Lynn is another character in Ronos Part 1: Catalyst. While she is more prominent than Jace Michaels she is still not the main protagonist.

Catalyst starts out with two story lines. One with the protagonist and the other with Lynn. She is the central character of the secondary story line.

How important is she to the story? Extremely. It would have been a lot shorter book if she wasn’t involved and the ending of the entire trilogy would be dramatically different.

If you remember from my post about Inciting Incidents, near the beginning of Catalyst the city of Northgate gates destroyed by a space ship that may or may not be aliens.  Lynn is in Northgate when the attack occurs. Her story line is all about trying to survive when everything around her has been destroyed.

For some reason even her Imp isn’t working and that’s not supposed to be possible. If your Imp stops working that almost always means you’re dead.

But because antagonism is the most important part of any story the fact that she is trying to survive in a city that has just been demolished isn’t good enough. So I added some more antagonism.

Lynn’s Challenges
Lynn was in Northgate looking for her husband. Her husband Scott Ryder was the manager of a large ammunition factory for the military but then he found out that the war might not be real; that the war was just being used by the military as a means of controlling the population. When Scott refused to support the war he was thrown in a mental institution. Only a crazy person would think that the war was fake.

They refused to tell Lynn where her husband was being held so she had to find him on her own. The military wasn’t going to do anything to make the life of a traitor easier.

Lynn is at a mental institution in Northgate when the attack occurs. After the attack she finds out that her and two other patients are the only survivors in the immediate area. Not only does she have to find a way out of the city but she has to do it with two mentally ill men. One of them seems okay but the other one is straight up violent and unpredictable.

That’s not all. There is more antagonism. After meeting up with the two men the three of them realize that they are not alone. Whoever attacked the city left some soldiers behind to kill the survivors. Now Lynn has to get out of a city she hadn’t been to until that day with two mental patients while being hunted by someone with way more skills then she has.

See what I mean about antagonism being the most important thing in a story?

She makes her first appearance in chapter 4.

I haven’t spoiled anything for you.  There is so much more to the story than what I’ve described here.

Lynn’s Secret
Lynn also has some secrets of her own. There is even a chapter of the book called “Ryder Family Secrets.” Her family knows more about the potential of the universe than anyone else. It’s something they don’t broadcast because it makes power hungry people ask too many questions.

It has nothing to do with whether the war is real or not (I haven’t spoiled anything; you wont know the truth until the end of the book. You will think you know but you wont really know).

The Ryder family secret is something that will come up throughout the trilogy for better and for worse and never in the way you would expect. What kind of writer would I be if you saw it coming?

What’s your favourite example of antagonism in a story? It could be a book, graphic novel, or movie. I just want to know what you guys love so that I can learn to be better.

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  1. sharkbytes says:

    Sounds interesting! You succeeded in making me curious. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

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