What are Imps?
Imp is short for Implant. It’s how the people in The Ronos Trilogy communicate. Imps are like having a smart phone in your head. There is a computer chip implanted in your brain and one in each eye.

No one can see what your looking at on your Imp. You could use it to look up videos or send texts. The chips that gets implanted in your eyes project images in a Heads Up Display that only you can see.

As you might have guessed it leads to a lot of zombie looks because people are gazing off into the distance like they aren’t paying attention when they are actually just watching things on their Imps.

The Imps are also top of the line gaming machines. They can fit the power of the most advanced gaming system on the small chip that gets implanted in your head.

Imps are the best gaming machine, the best communication machine, the best of everything.

But not everyone likes it.

There is a group of people who are dubbed Luddites who do not trust the technology of the Imps. Part of what makes the Imps awesome is that it can record everything you see. You can make visual journals and hold on to memories from dead loved ones.

Luddites don’t trust Imps because they think it’s possible for the Imp companies to gather information that can be used to control your life. Not that they would take over your body or anything like that but that they would know all your likes and dislikes, all your vulnerabilities, your strengths and weaknesses, and these would all be used to influence you to do what they wanted.

They would have all the information about everything you do through your Imp and information is power.

They don’t trust Imps

There is no direct evidence that Imp companies are using information as power except that the longer Imps are around the harder it is to tell the difference between the corporation and the government. A lot of the people who work for the government used to work the Imp companies and vice versa.

But besides that there is another major downside to the Imp technology.

It is so powerful it can create a new reality for you. When playing a game on an Imp you feel like you are in the game. It’s possible to get so lost in a new reality created by Imps that you can get lost. You become addicted. You disconnect yourself from reality because you are only able to function in the world you have created in your imagination through your Imp.

These people are called the disconnected.  They are a segment of society that didn’t exist before the Imps were invented. There is some help for them but not enough for it to be very effective.

Once you have an Imp it takes expensive risky invasive surgery to get rid of it. It’s easier to go through addiction recovery than to get your Imp removed. The trouble is that addiction recovery for the disconnected isn’t very effective.

Luddites don’t think it’s worth supporting Imps if they have this kind of negative power over some people.

The Protagonist
I can’t wait until later this month when I can start using the name of my protagonist. It starts with an ‘M’ so you can look forward to that on ‘M’ day in the A to Z challenge.

Any way, the protagonist does have an Imp but he didn’t grow up with one. He was raised in a Luddite family. It’s normal for kids to get Imps when they are very young but because  the protagonist was raised as a Luddite getting an Imp was not something his parents were going to let him do.

So why did he end up getting an Imp?

Because only people who have Imps can join Earth’s military. Imps are the ultimate communication device so having one is absolutely necessary for enlisting.

But why would the protagonist, who was raised as a Luddite, get an Imp just to join the military?

He has a very good reason. But it has very little to do with the letter ‘I’ so I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to buy the book later this year.

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