Haunted Hutterite House AKA The Triple H

Although I’m starting out writing in the Science Fiction genre I plan on branching out into many others. Including ghost stories. I love a good scary story but it has to be well told. There are a lot of bad horror stories out there. I’m not sure when I’ll write my ghost story but when I do I have a location that I want to include. Part of the story is definitely going to take place at the Haunted Hutterite House. The Triple H, as it’s called by the cool kids, is straight up haunted. Sometimes you hear ghost stories from friends of friends but when it comes to The Triple H I’ve heard first hand stories from several different people. One of them was my sister. I’ll tell you my favourite Triple H story. A friend of mine was going there with a bunch of friends to check it out. Because that’s just what you do when you’re in high school and live within driving distance of a legit haunted house. When they got to the house the two girls were too scared to go inside (the frightening tales of The Triple H are rampant in southern Alberta) so the guys went ahead to explore the house. While waiting in the car, my friend heard footsteps in the leaves. She looked out the windows to see who it was but she couldn’t see anyone and the footsteps were getting closer. It couldn’t be the boys because she saw them go in the house. The footsteps got closer and closer until it sounded like whoever it was, was right outside the car but she still couldn’t see anyone. So she jumped to the front seat and started honking the horn and yelling for her friends to come back. They came running back and she told them what happened. Everyone decided to leave so they started driving away. But strange noises could still be heard. Something was wrong with the car. They stopped the car and got out to see what was wrong. All the tires were flat. They were slashed. A friend of mine had her tires slashed by a ghost at The Triple H. My sister has also seen a ghost there. When she went to check things out she saw a woman in a white blouse with long dirty blond hair walking out of the house and down the stairs. No one else saw her. Straight up ghost. Anyone else experienced terror at The Triple H? Or have you experienced any ghost stories of your own? I love hearing a good ghost story so feel free to post in the comments.

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4 Responses to Haunted Hutterite House AKA The Triple H

  1. Danielle says:

    ahh that tire slashing story is my story! i feel so famous now..

  2. Steve Eckert says:

    I used to work at a hockey rink in Camrose. A little bit of background: there was a hockey rink in Camrose called the Wildrose Arena which, when it was shut down and demolished a few years ago, was the third oldest operating hockey rink in Canada. This place was ridiculously haunted, so much so that they even got a spot on Global news (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwaSmikE9xY). Some other stories that weren’t in that video is that there would sometimes be a ghost running around in the dark empty building banging on doors, employees saw the players box doors slam open and closed repeatedly, etc. It wasn’t unheard of for employees to have to leave early because they were just too freaked out, and they would just write down what they had done and what the morning shift needed to cover for them.

    I never had any experiences in the wildrose, but my responsibilities included work in the (slightly) newer Maxwell arena (or “the Max”), which inherited a lot of the equipment used in the wildrose arena. I only had one creepy experience in there, and it was at about 7:00 on a Sunday morning. I unlocked the doors to the Max, so there was definitely no one in there, and when I walked through the door, I stopped, then heard a sound like running shoes squeaking on the laminate floor at the far end of the room. I paused, walked about three steps, stopped, and heard the sound again. And that was the end of it. I told my supervisor about it and he was just surprised it was the first time I had run into anything weird in there.

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