The eBook Fence

The eBook Fence
I was on the fence about eBooks and eReaders around this time last year.  Not anymore. I jumped over the fence, from the yard of physical copies to the future of eBooks.

What changed my mind?

The first was I started to do the math on what it would cost to self publish a physical book.  When I do math I don’t use numbers. I simplified the decision.  Physical books require money than eBooks.  EBooks can potentially cost as little as whatever you’re already paying for your internet connection.

This is my first book. I don’t have money to pay for someone to print my book so of course I’m going to start with eBooks.

Awesome Things About Kindles
Kindle on a desk.Once I knew that my books were going to start out as eBooks I realized I should at least read a couple. So I bought a kindle and started downloading.

The first awesome thing about Kindles and eBooks is that classic are free. All I had to do was go on the Kindle store and search for free books and a giant list appeared.  I’ve already downloaded enough free books to last a lifetime so if I’m ever hard up for money I can just dip into the free books.

One of the things that was stopping me from getting a Kindle was I wasn’t sure I would enjoy reading on it.  I like the feel and smell of a book (I love the way books smell. Is that weird? At school me and a friend would say we would buy two of each others books; one to read and one to smell). But reading from the Kindle is awesome. I liked it way more than I thought I would.

While your reading, if there is ever a word that you don’t know you can use the Kindle to look it up and get the definition while your reading.  You can highlight the passages you like as well as see how many other people highlighted the same words.  There is a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows how much of the book you have read. I like knowing what percentage of the book I’ve read.

I like the Kindle so much now that I look on the Kindle store more than I go to Chapters.

Catalyst eBook
I have no regrets about deciding to release Ronos Part 1: Catalyst on eBooks instead of printing it. Not to say that I will never do physical copies because I really want to hold my book (and smell it, of course) and I want to see it on a book shelf.

So someday you will be able to flip through the pages of my book but until then you should all go get a Kindle or Kobo or whatever and start downloading eBooks.

Just make sure that when Catalyst comes out this summer you also download that book. You’ll only like it if you enjoy being entertained.


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