Last week someone at work asked if I had made any money as a writer. I had to think about it.  There aren’t any books published with my name on it so I haven’t made money that way but surly someone had paid me some small bit of money at some time to write something.

The guys at work asked me if I had made even twenty bucks. I couldn’t think of anything.  One guy, the kind of guy who has to say everything with a not so subtle level of sarcasm said, “Wow, I’ve made as much money writing as you have.”

That’s true. But I told him it would change because I was about to hire an editor for my book and then I would start making money.

He asked how much it cost to hire an editor and I told him.

He dropped another “Wow.” Then informed me that even when I started selling books I would be doing that with a negative in front of how much money I had. He was shocked that I was going into debt to be a novelist.

I’m shocked that he’s shocked.

Have any of you read a book that wasn’t professionally edited?  It’s a rough read. If it means spending some extra money to make the book an enjoyable read then why on earth wouldn’t I do that?

I know the story for The Ronos Trilogy is solid, and I’ve had it read by test readers who confirm that the story is well done.  The only thing I need to make it complete is to have someone copyedit it.

Then it will be ready for everyone to read.

It’s possible that I will never make the money back that I’m investing to make the best product I can.  Then again, I’ve read my story. Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer but I wouldn’t have pursued it so passionately if I didn’t think I could make a living out of it.

Trust me. I’m writing books that you will want to read.

I’m not actually going into debt to have my book edited but I needed a D word for the A to Z challenge.

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4 Responses to Debt

  1. Jessica says:

    It’s funny how people don’t understand writing. It isn’t about money–it’s about sharing awesome characters and stories. Good luck with the editor. Also, you’ve won an award on my blog. Check it out.

  2. Hi, stopping by for the A to Z challenge.

    A simple rule of thumb to go by when talking to the general public: people are stupid.

    I know that sounds mean, but it helps when you get into conversations with people who insist on making snarky or faux-knowledgeable remarks about things they don’t understand. “Wow, I’ve made as much money writing as you!” That’s just rude. I know people think they’re funny when they “joke” like that, but it’s just so insensitive.

    but anyway, it sounds like you understand that you write for the love of it, not to make a quick buck. Obviously that’s not the case these days. Good luck with your writing and stay encouraged by the blogging community! They tend to get it more than doltish coworkers.

    • It was rude for him to say but sometimes it’s hard for people to see outside thier own bubble. Oh well, what can you do…other than passive aggressively writing about it on the internet. Ha ha.

      Actually, I’ve been in the mind set of ‘I’m a writer’ for too long for silly things like opinions to drag me down.

      Thanks for your comment.

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