Car Killer

Not much new information for the letter C. I couldn’t think of anything that started with C that had to do with my book. Besides the title but I’ve talked about Catalyst already.

So instead I put all my tributes to my former car SBS in one place for you to read.


RIP SBS: Shame Lake

Posted on October 15, 2011

  This is my favourite thing about SBS because it is easily the most shameful thing about SBS, shameful and mysterious. Water would leak onto the floor by the passengers feet.  It would happen after it rained so obviously it … Continue reading →

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Posted on October 10, 2011

The details are a little fuzzy.  I was driving along and yada-yada-yada the hood no longer latches like a champ.  I mean the latch is still there but you have to move it with your finger to open and close … Continue reading →

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RIP SBS: Gas Cap

Posted on October 5, 2011

The problem with the gas cap is there isn’t one.  I’m struggling to remember the story.  Was it ninjas or an ADD attack that stole SBS’s gas cap?  It could have been ninjas with ADD.  Either way, one day I … Continue reading →

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RIP SBS: Mirror

It happened during the winter.  I live in one of the new communities in Edmonton.  Even in the summer there isn’t enough room for cars to pass each other on these roads.  In the winter when each side of the … Continue reading →

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RIP SBS: Never Locked

I have troubling news for everyone.  If you are here because of the good news about me and Maddy getting engaged then I apologize that what I’m about to say may kill your buzz. SBS has died. SBS is slang … Continue reading →

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Extra Shame, Please

It’s not enough that my car is ugly and my girlfriend is embarrassed to ride in it with me.  It’s not enough that it is so loud that people can hear me coming several blocks away.  It’s not enough that … Continue reading →

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One Response to Car Killer

  1. Jessica says:

    Poor car. Great posts though. I lost my gas cap once (er twice). Here is the link to the word counter I use: Thanks for visiting my blog.

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