Aphorisms are short one or two sentences long bits of wisdom.  The point of one is to be profound and/or clever using as few words as possible.

I love the way that aphorisms can say so much so quickly. Once I started carrying a notebook around with me I realized that I was writing down aphorisms without even knowing it.  One time while reviewing what I had written I found something that summed up the book I was working on perfectly.  It goes like this.

Change only happens after there is a shift in perspective.

Solid aphorism. It’s something I learned at church.  Not those exact words but that principle is what was taught. Change is also a big principle of story telling so there is often crossover in church and writing.

The book I was working on was Ronos Part 1: Catalyst. I loved the way this small phrase said everything that I was exploring in the book so I decided to put it at the front of the book.  The pages after the table of contents is now just this small bit of wisdom.

Now that I’m done a first draft of the entire trilogy I have to come up with some aphorisms for the other two books.  I have the one for book two.  It’s also sweet and very appropriate for the motivation behind the protagonists and the antagonists which is exciting.  Who thought it would be possible to sum up both of their motives in one sentence? Hint: they both want the same thing.

I don’t have anything for the third one.  The one I want to use is The third book is the most exciting because of the explosions, deaths, and definitive endings. That doesn’t really sound as good as the ones I wrote for the other two.  If I hadn’t decided to write original aphorisms then I would have used a quote from Jacob in Lost. It only ends once; everything else is just progress. I love it. Also, progress is one of my favourite words. Something I learned at church.

Feel free to speculate in the comments about how the aphorism for Catalyst applies to the book.  Who’s perspectives are changing? What are they changing from? What are they changing to?

It might be hard to answer that question because you don’t know the names of the characters or even the setting of the story but by the end of the month you will. As much as I can I’m going to theme my A to Z challenge around writing and Ronos Part 1: Catalyst.

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2 Responses to Aphorisms

  1. OKinUK says:

    Good luck. Sorry to not be able to enter speculation; stopping by from AtoZ.

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