Ronos Part 2: Readable Draft

I’ve been trying to find out how much it’s going to cost to copy edit book 1.  While I wait for editors to get back to me I printed off a double spaced copy of Ronos Part 2.  The title is still a work in progress. I have a tentative one but I’m waiting to reveal it incase me, my wife, or one of my test readers can come up with a better word than the one I’m using.  Maddy already gave me a sweat word for book three. I wish I could tell you what it was but you will have to wait.

I printed off a double spaced copy so that I can get the next draft of book 2 ready.  This is my favourite kind of editing.  The story is in place.  The climaxes are written so it’s easy to read through the book and cross out all the garbage that is no longer needed.  The name of the game right now is distilling the prose (shout out to PROWlers who took that class).  I want to cut the word count down without changing the story.

A Carter Cutlery damascus Bowie style blade

Slicing my word count.

It’s fun for me. I like judging my work like a hard to please reader. Whenever I see something I don’t like I just cross it off the page.  It feels good to do that because every time I do, the word count goes down and the quality of my book goes up.  If there is ever a doubt whether I need to use a particular word or keep a certain scene I usually just end up getting rid of it. If it’s not obvious to me, the writer, whether I should keep the scene, then for sure the reader will think it’s not needed.

I’m only a few pages into the book and I’ve already spread pink ink all over the place (I couldn’t find a red pen).  When I was writing I felt the first half of the book was too bloated but I just wanted to get it done so I didn’t go back to change anything until now.

I was right. There are too many words in this book.  It’s at 101,908 words which is 10,000 more than the first book. Things need be trimmed I think.  It’s possible the word count might not change or even increase by the time the final draft happens but the 101,908 words that I have right now need to be improved and I’m working at chopping this down and seeing what’s needed to build it up into something awesome that you won’t want to stop reading.

If you were in my test audience for book 1 then you can expect to be part of the test audience for book 2.  I want to be able to have you read it by the end of the month.

Which means I have to get back to work.

Once I know more about the editing stage of Book 1 I’ll be able to drop more information on you, my audience, about the setting, characters, and themes of the book.  I hope to find out before april so that I can theme my A to Z challenge around Book 1.

Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...By the way, my other favourite thing about this stage of editing is that the story is printed out so I don’t have to look at a computer screen all day. I can sit in the reading chair in the living room with my pink pen and watch Netflix while I slash my word count. I’m really into Lie To Me right now. I think it’s because I’m so bad at telling lies.  You know that card game Cheat? I don’t have the ability to win that game.  Everyone can tell when I’m cheating.

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