Editing Feels Like Forever

I can't spell. An example from Ronos Part 1:Catalyst.

Editing and rewriting is not nearly as much fun as writing.  The first draft of this book was easy.  All I had to do was sit down and write 5,000 words a day.  It was like keeping a journal of my day dreams, pure awesomeness.  Now I’m editing and it already feels like I’ve been doing this forever.

So I need to take a break right now and blog about the two best things that have happened to me so far while editing.  The first is that one time I spelled a difficult word correctly.  The photo evidence is to the right. I know that you may not think that lose is a difficult word to spell but I promise you that it is. I also promise that it is not spelled loose.

I’ve been tightening up my manuscript all day…turning loose into lose. Tightening? Get it?

I guess I shouldn’t be complaining about editing.  It’s for the best.  I don’t want to look like a fool when this book gets published.  I already get called out all the time on Facebook for my grammar mistakes.  After I’m done rewriting Catalyst I’m going to hand it over to professionals. After that it will be ready for a judgmental audience to read.

Several orange sticky notes stuck to pages in a full binder.

What else do I have to rewrite?  I put an orange sticky note on everything I have to go back and fix.  This is what the book looks like now (Left).

Some of them are easy but couple are big and require me to go back and read parts of books two and three.  Waiting until I wrote a first draft of the entire trilogy has already paid off.

Because I’ve written the story for the entire book I already know my favourite part of it.  It’s a little bit of a risk to tell everyone on the internet what it is but it’s too cool to keep it to myself.

I was able to take a picture of it.

Chocolate stain on the bottom of the page with a note written to uncle bruce telling him he must have been eating chocolate in bed.

I’m kidding of course.

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