The Novel Writing Illusion

This is the third illusion I spoke of in my posts on The Moving Illusion and The Engagement Illusion.

The illusion goes like this.  You keep telling yourself and everyone you know that you are almost done writing your book.

I thought this as I finished writing the first draft to Catalyst.  My exact thoughts were “Sweet! I’m almost done writing a book!  In no time at all I’ll publish this so that everyone can read it.”

That was about a year and a half ago.

I thought the same thing after I finished my next draft of the book.  I rewrote a couple scenes, organized the chapters, and turned it into some that my closest and nicest friends could read.

My thoughts were, “People were actually reading my book! I’m right around the corner from publishing my book.”

I was wrong.  I had at least another year or more to go.  Hours of work and rewrites on rewrites.

But now I’ve set a date.  A vague, sometime this summer, date but I have a date.  Right now I’m taking a break from my final rewrites to write this post about how people who write books think they are done way before they’re done.

But I’m not one of those writers anymore.  I’m on my last rewrite.  I just have to finish going through the draft one more time then all I have to do is go back through it again and add the scenes I was too tired to do the first time, then find an editor and make the changes they suggest, and then make sure it’s formatted correctly for eBooks, and get a cover designed, then I’ll be done.

See? I’m almost done writing my book.

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