Ronos Part 1: Catalyst’s Genre

Speculative Fiction
When people ask me what kind of book I’m writing I give two different answers.  If it’s someone who I don’t want to know I’m a nerd I say I’m writing speculative fiction.  To everyone else I say I’m writing Science Fiction.

That’s the genre of Ronos Part 1: Catalyst in the most general terms but what are the sub-genres?  Science Fiction breaks down into dozens of sub-genres.  I spent some time on the google to find as many as I could so that I could more adequately describe to you what genre my book is.

Hard and Soft SF
After establishing that my book is Science Fiction the next question is whether it’s hard SF or soft SF.  Hard SF is stuff like Michael Crichton or Arthur C. Clark.  It’s science fiction that actually uses science to tell a story.  The writers are usually already pretty smart and know a lot about physics, math, chemistry, and other science things.  Lots of times hard SF influences reality.  Did you know that satellites were invented based on something that Arthur C. Clark wrote?

Soft science fiction is based more on social sciences and focuses more on character and emotions (I’m getting most of this from Wikipedia but so far I agree with it all).

Other Science Fiction Sub-Geres
Time Travel
Alternate History/Universe
Military SF
Super Human
Space Opera
Space Western
Feminist Science Fiction
Steam Punk
Comic Science Fiction
Anthropological Science Fiction
Fan Fiction
Steam Punk
Alien Invasion
Alien Contact
Parallel Universe
Teen Science Fiction
Children’s Science Fiction
High Tech

After searching for ten minutes these are the ones I could find on the internet.  The truth is you can pick any genre you can think of and put science fiction in front of it and it would count.  It don’t matter if you are the only one in your genre.  I remember hearing somewhere that the more specific your genre the better.  It’s probably a good thing to know every level of your genre so you can market it to as many readers as you can, whether your readers are just looking for some fun soft SF or Teen Science Fiction Vampire Apocalyptic Steam Punk.

My Genre
What’s the genre for Catalyst?

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t know enough for hard SF so you are correct in thinking it’s soft SF.

It is also a big space opera book.  Space Opera has nothing to do with soap operas.  It has to do with big adventures out in space.  I also have adventure components that don’t happen in outer space.  In fact the protagonist doesn’t leave Earth until almost three-quarters of the way through the book.  That doesn’t mean that’s when the adventuring starts.  He’s doing all kinds of cool things until then so I would add the genre adventure to the list.

So far the genres describing my book are Soft Science Fiction Space Opera Adventure.  How much more should I add to that.  There are two love story sub genres should I add Romance to it?  There is mass amounts of destruction so maybe I should add Disaster or Apocalyptic.  There is some cool technology so maybe I should add High tech.

See how this could go on forever.  There are even more from that list up above that I could add but they would be spoilers so I won’t talk about them right now.    It’s possible that the genre will change or maybe I’ll find a cooler name for it but for now the genre for Catalyst is:

Soft SF Space Opera Adventure.

So you will only like this book if you enjoy reading about exciting things that sometimes happen in space and don’t require a high IQ to enjoy.

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