The Engagement Illusion

I have experienced three illusions recently.  The first was the moving illusion.  The second is this one.  The engagement illusion.

The engagement illusion is that no one knows they don’t want to be engaged.  Everyone thinks they do but they are fooling themselves.  They want to be married.  They forget that before you get married you have to get engaged and no one tells you how terrible being engaged is.

Being engaged is exactly like dating someone except that you have to plan a big event, which is no fun so it’s worse than dating.

Just before you end your dating career and enter the engagement illusion you get all excited and nervous.  This is the big change, you tell yourself.  There is no going back after this.  Life will be different from this day forward.  For the better of course, but different all the same.

Then you ask her.  Both of you are very excited.  You can’t stop smiling for like four days and you don’t think you can get any happier then you are right now.

Then reality sets in and you realize the next few months are going to crawl past and that the only thing anyone is going to ask you is what you think about the center pieces or ask you silly questions like, “Are you excited to get married?”  The longer you are engaged the worse it gets.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Being engaged makes time go slower not faster and the closer you get to the wedding date the slower times goes.

Time slows down.  Most questions asked of you have to do with wedding plans.  It’s all the bad parts of dating and bad parts of being married.  Everyone wants to get married but no one knows they don’t want to be engaged.

My advice is to elope.


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