The Artist (Yellow)

Do not let the fact that I labelled this as (Yellow) fool you into thinking you shouldn’t watch this movie.  You should go see this movie but it’s not necessary to go see it in the theater.

Movie theater movies are for loud spectacle movies where the only way to really experience it is on the big screen.  This is a silent black and white movie that can be enjoyed at home just as easily as it can at the theater.  If you want to go see a movie like they did in the 20s then go ahead and drop money on this one.  It’s your choice really.  I’m just saying it’s not necessary and you can wait until it comes out on DVD.

However you choose to see this movie you should still go and see it.  It’s fun.  Way more fun than a black and white silent movie should be.  I didn’t expect to enjoy it that much.  The truth is I only went to see this movie to see if they could pull it off or not.  They did pull it off.  All the way off…I think that’s a good thing.

The two leads in this movie were amazing.  I think they are both nominated for Oscars and they should get them.  Everything this movie is nominated for it deserves to win.  Unless it’s nominated for sound editing but if it won that it would be hilarious and they should do it by accident like how Marisa Tomei won for my cousin Vinnie.

The day after I saw I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I enjoyed The Artist.  It’s such a simple story told in such a simple way.  I just loved it.  It was pure story.  Not a weak plot dressed up with A-list actors (I only recognized two or three supporting cast members) or with amazing special effects and giant robots.

It was a simple story about two different actors reacting to the invention of talking movies.  So sweet.

There were funny moments.  There were sweet moments.  There were moments where you thought the protagonist was a stuck up snob and others where you felt sorry for him and what his life had come to.

It’s a solid movie.

But don’t feel obligated to see it on the big screen.

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