Tyler Rudd Hall: Google-ability

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I have more than one reason for using my whole name when writing.  Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  Rudd is a sweet middle name.  I know you’re all a little jealous about it and wish you could have just as awesome a middle name.

Another big reason I used my whole name was so that I would be more googleable.

Tyler Hall by itself isn’t very unique.  Here in Edmonton I get the same question every time strangers see the name on my credit card. “Hey, your name is almost Taylor Hall.” (For those outside Edmonton or who don’t follow hockey, Taylor Hall is a popular player for the Edmonton Oilers)  When Taylor Hall was being drafted, the Oilers were deciding between him and some other guy named Tyler something-or-other and every once and a while someone reading the news would mix it up and say Tyler Hall.  That was really strange.

There is also a DJ on Virgin Radio up here who is named Tyler Hall.  If anyone is wondering, that’s not me.

So those are two people with the same name or similar name and that’s just in my city.  There are probably more Tyler Hall’s out there so I need a way to distinguish myself.

One of the options is to just use a completely different name that I’m sure no one else will have.  Something like Octavio Jones, which is an awesome name but that’s not what I want.  I want to see my name on the cover.

I want to use my name but not Tyler Hall.  That leaves Tyler Rudd Hall or using some initials like T. Hall, T. R. Hall, T. H. Rudd, or R. H. Tyler.  Something like that.  Initials can be cool but in the end I decided that just using my middle name was a better idea.  Rudd is cooler than any initial.

Tyler Rudd Hall is the name I’m using so that I am more google-able.

Google-ability is important because when people google your name you need them to go where you want them to. I want people to go to my blog right now not the Virgin Radio sight for Edmonton, but when I have my books out I will want searchers to go to wherever my books are sold.  For sure I know they will be available or at least have a link on my blog so I’m going to start moving people in that direction.

Here is something completely random. There is someone out there who gets to my blog by searching Dr. Strangelove and then another person who gets here by searching Facebook couple profile pictures. At first I thought these were just popular topics but now I know better.  If it’s not too inconvenient maybe you guys could find me on the google by searching Chortle at My Girth or Tyler Rudd Hall.

So whenever I write anything I use my middle name. On all of my books you will see the name Tyler Rudd Hall.

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