Book Titles: Why I Chose Ronos

Lots of the time the title is the last thing I think of and sometimes its the hardest thing for me to think of.  So far I’ve named four books.  The three in The Ronos Trilogy and then the book I wrote for the 2011 3 Day Novel Contest.  They all have one word titles.  Well Kind of.  I mean the Ronos books are all called Ronos part whichever and then have a one word title.  I think that still counts.

Why One Word Titles?
I prefer one word titles because if you pick a solid word then you get to have more than one meaning from a single word.  This inspiration came from Lost originally but then I realized that J.J. Abrams does it all the time.  Lost, Alias, Fringe, and even Felicity to name a few.  They are all one word titles and they all have more than one meaning to them.  Lost is the best one of the bunch because it describes the characters setting, state of mind, and the viewers state of mind after watching it.

I want to get those multiple meanings from a single word in some of my work.  I doubt I will keep this up for my entire writing career but for these first few books it works.

Naming the Trilogy
Can I let you in on a pet peeve of mine when it comes to naming a series.  It bothers me when a series is just named after the first book in the series.  The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Twilight Saga, and stuff like that.  I don’t like that.  It makes the books that come after the first one feel like a cash grab.  Like they didn’t expect there to be anymore than one book so when publishing a second book they just named the series after the first book because they didn’t name the franchise right from the beginning.

I didn’t want to do that.  When people are shopping for books I want them to see that this is the first book in a series and that I intend to publish more as soon as I can.  I did not want this to be The Catalyst Trilogy; even though that sounds cool and fits the theme of all three.  It’s more about Ronos than it is about a catalyst.  Although I suppose you could call Ronos a catalyst…you’ll see this summer when you read the book.

What the Heck is a Ronos?
Ronos is a planet.  I don’t want to get into too much detail right now so it’s enough for me to say that it is an important planet around which most of the conflict, motivation, and plot of the trilogy revolves.  Hence the reason I named the trilogy after it.

It’s not a real planet.  I didn’t do that level of research.

What the Heck is a Catalyst?
Good question.


  1. Chemistry . a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.
  2. something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected.
  3. a person or thing that precipitates an event or change: His imprisonment by the government served as the catalyst that helped transform social unrest into revolution.
  4. a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.

That’s what I copied and pasted from and they all apply to this book.  Do you see what I mean when I say it’s cool to have one word titles that have multiple meanings?

Anyways.  Back to rewriting.  I really want to keep true to my word of getting this book out to you by summer.  Can’t wait for you to read Ronos Part 1: Catalyst.

As I get closer to publishing I plan on posting themes, characters, locations, table of contents, and sample chapters in an effort to get you as excited about this book coming out as I am.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    I am tuned to the max!

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