Look for the Good: I Have No Money for a Vacation

So there you are.  It’s the middle of winter and it’s freezing cold outside.  Maybe you’ve started another semester and you are already feeling like you are being piled up on.  Maybe you are sick of work and just want to take off for a few days.  Maybe you are sick of planning for a wedding or some other big event and you feel like you just need to get away.  Either way, you feel like there are too many people around you talking to you and you have too much to do and you just want to escape as far away as you can for as long as you can (I just used the word ‘you’ 14 times. I feel like I should be ashamed).

But you can’t because you have no money.

This happened to me not too long ago.  Me and my wife needed to get away.  We were tired of all the attention we were being given, even though it was very nice of everyone involved, and all the people around.  It felt like our heads were going to boil over because no one ever talked to us about anything other than what we didn’t want to talk about anymore.  Every text message was about it.  Every phone call was regarding it.  Even Facebook, the refuge for time wasting and getting lost in other people’s business, was not safe because everyone wanted to talk to us about it.

I’m talking about the wedding.  The truth is we are very grateful for all the hard work that other people put in so we wouldn’t have to because it wouldn’t have gotten done otherwise.  there was to much to do and plan.

But by the end of it all we were desperate for a vacation.  So I looked at hotels in far away places and then my bank account.  The wants did not match up to the bank account balance.

Then I thought about what I really wanted and I asked my wife what she really wanted.  We both agreed that what we wanted was not to talk to anyone but each other.  So I suggested that we just don’t tell anyone where we are going on vacation, let them draw their own conclusions, and then just stay home with the phones off.

Anyone can do that.  It’s easy for rich people and poor people.  Sure you don’t get to go anywhere warm but if that’s what you want you can just turn the heat up in your apartment.

Trust me.  It’s awesome.  So quiet.  So relaxing.  Just stay home and do whatever you want.  Just don’t use your phone.  By phone I also mean no Facebook, email, or Pintrest.

The six original Power Rangers.

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Stay and your couch and watch movies endlessly.  Have a Power Rangers marathon (you won’t regret that).  Build a blanket fort in the living room.  Walk around in your underwear all week.  Go grocery shopping before your vacation so that you don’t even have to leave your apartment.  Do what ever you want.  Just stay in your house and your vacation from your normal life will be a cheaper than if you flew away somewhere.

Don’t tell me that you can’t do this if you are a student.  Reading week is coming.  Just start telling people now that you are going to be unavailable and then enjoy your week off.  I’ve been a student before.  I know that no work goes on during reading week.  You were going to take it off anyway.  Just free yourself from obligations.  Turn your phone off and do whatever you want.

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2 Responses to Look for the Good: I Have No Money for a Vacation

  1. Haha, great idea! I’ve been jonesing for a va-cay but simply can’t afford it right now. But I want a break from it all and just…well, hide away.

    A Power Rangers marathon inside a blanket fort sounds flippin’ awesome. 🙂

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