It’s time for me to set up a Facebook page.  I think that the people who are friends with me on Facebook but have no interest in reading or what’s going on with my writing career are getting tired of all my blog updates and talk about serial commas.

But you are here on my blog right now and you are reading this.  So you are just the kind of person who should go over to my author Facebook page Tyler Rudd Hall and like it so you can get updates and such on the book I’m rewriting now.

It’s going to be exciting.  You can trust me on that.  To give you a taste if you go over to my Facebook page right now you will be among the first people who aren’t related to me to discover the title of my upcoming book.

I’m excited for you all to know what the title is so that I can stop referring to it as the book I’m currently rewriting and hoping to release some time this calendar year.

Also, it’s not a super secret.  I’m sure I’ve said what the title is a bunch of times before.  But now it’s official and also I want you to like me on Facebook.

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