The Moving Illusion

I’ve come across three different illusions in the last few weeks so I figured I should share them with you so you don’t have to suffer through the same thing.

The first one is the moving illusion.

This one makes me look especially foolish and I’m a little hesitant to write about it because I should know better.  I’ve been out on my own for a few years and I’ve moved around a whole lot in those few years so I should have caught on to this before, not sure how I missed it.

The illusion is, “I don’t have much stuff.  I can just move it in a couple car loads.”

That’s what I thought.  All I had were books, clothes, and a computer.  I would need to borrow someones truck to do the big stuff like the couches but that was no big deal.  Until then I could easily do everything else by myself.

I was wrong.  I had a crap load of stuff.  I was moving stuff all day.  It took multiple car loads and my new place isn’t close to my old place.  By the end of the day I was sick of driving back and forth and I was sick of going up and down stairs endlessly.  Truthfully, I still have some stuff back at my old place.  I’ll get it some other time.

But I learned my lesson.  I have way more than books, clothes, and a computer.  Don’t fall for the same illusion that I did.  Don’t think you can fit it all in a car and do it in a couple loads and be done.  I think the rule should be if you can’t fit it in one car load then you need to rent a truck.

That’s what I’m doing next time.  No messing around.  No driving back and forth.  I’m just going to rent a big truck and do it all in one trip.

Don't fall for the illusion like I did. It's more than books to move. Although I do have a lot of books.

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