The Worlds Greatest Sandwich. Ever.

I debated for a while about whether I should start with text or start with the picture.  Whatever text I put before the picture would be skipped and people would just scroll right down to see what The Sandwich looked like.  But the picture of The Sandwich doesn’t do it justice.  Even looking at it now I can see why some of the people reading this think that I have lost the touch on my awesome sandwich intuition.  I haven’t.  You have to trust me.

And to fully enjoy this awesomeness you have to follow my instructions.

Step 1: Buy the Sandwich
Easier said than done.  Believe you me.  There have been many a day when my girlfriend and I desire The Sandwich and have gone to procure it only to find that there are none left.  This is no Secret Walmart situation.  I think I may be the last person in Edmonton to know about this.

You can buy The Sandwich at the Italian Centre Shop.  There are two in Edmonton.  Click here for details.

Do not wait until after work to go.  There won’t be any left.  Go get one during lunch or on your day off.  It’s a grocery store so you have to look around for where they keep the freshly made sandwiches.  You can get mild or hot.  Hot is better but everyone knows that and they sell faster.  If there is only mild do not turn your nose up at it.  Anything is better than nothing.

It’s called a Panini but I like to call it The Sandwich, for it is the new measure of how good other sandwiches are.

Step 2: Do Not Eat The Sandwich…Yet
Just because you now have it in your grubby little hands does not mean that it is ready for consumption.  Chances are you just pulled it out of the fridge in the store.  The Sandwich is cold.  Cold is delicious but warm is a level of deliciousness for which there are no words.

Wait to eat The Sandwich until you get home and warm it up.  I use the microwave because I’m not married yet.  It takes 20 seconds.  When I get married I may have to wait a couple more minutes while we utilize the oven (I already know that I will be unable to convince Future Wife that the microwave for 20 seconds is better).

When the heating is done The Sandwich is ready.

Step 3: Eat The Sandwich
Open mouth.  Insert Sandwich.

Step 4: Send Tyler Money for Telling You About This Awesomeness
I’m also getting married in 19 days so we could use the cash.

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2 Responses to The Worlds Greatest Sandwich. Ever.

  1. artstylelove says:

    They are amazing : ) My mom used to get one when we were little and share it between the 3 of us! Now I want one…

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