Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (Green)

If you have no idea what that (Green) beside the title means then read this. If you don’t want to read this then the short version is that you should stop everything and go see Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

It’s very hard for me to write a review for an awesome movie like this. Right now I just want to tell you about all the cool things that are in this movie but that would spoil it for you.

There aren’t any parts of this movie that I was disappointed in. Almost every minute of it was exactly the level of entertainment that I wanted. The action wasn’t predictable or cliché. The dialog sounded real. The gadgets are cool…oh wait I thought of something slightly negative to say about the movie.

You could say that it is the longest coolest trailer for Apple products ever produced. All the spies have iPhones and at one point Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg use an iPad to break into the Kremlin. There is truly an app for everything. If anyone finds the fake hallway app let me know; I have some places I’d like to sneak around.

If you are wondering, the best part of this movie is the stuff depicted in the poster above. Him hanging off the building was absolutely fantastic. I loved it. I saw it in IMAX and during this part it was totally worth a ticket that was a couple bucks more expensive. If you go see it in IMAX see it for the Dubai scenes not for the Batman preview (which sucks).

Brad Bird is the only outside writer/director to be brought into Pixar. He did The Incredibles. The people over at Pixar are the best movie makers out there so to have them head hunt Brad Bird should tell us how great he is at his job. Mission: Impossible was his first live action movie and I was excited to see what he would do. He did well. He did very well.

I heard somewhere that this was going to be the last Mission: Impossible Tom Cruise is going to be in. I hope that’s not true. Even though he is looking older in this movie I’m not sure that Jeremy Renner is as watchable as Tom Cruise. There is no one who can run away from an explosion/dust storm/car like the crazy in love couch jumper. He is easily one of my favourite action movie stars.

Go see this movie. It’s good for everyone. No gore (despite the explosions, and head shots), no sex (despite the fact that it’s an action movie and most action movies have sex scenes), just straight excitement and crazy stunts.

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