5 TV Shows You Aren’t Watching But Should Be

TV Hipster
I’m big into TV but by no choice of my own, the TV shows I usually watch are ones that aren’t popular with everyone.  That doesn’t mean that the shows aren’t awesome; it’s just that not everyone knows they are awesome.  It’s like how Arrested Development didn’t become popular until after it was cancelled.  I was a fan of Alias right from the beginning, before all that APO stuff (putting Sloan in charge again? Did anyone buy that?).

I’m kind of a TV hipster.  I like things before they become mainstream.  But I also really want my favourite shows to be mainstream so that they will make more episodes for me to watch.

So here is my list of shows currently on TV that you and everyone you know should watch so that I can keep watching them as well.  It sounds selfish but it works out for both of us.

1. Community
As far as I am concerned there is only one reason to watch a sitcom and that is to laugh.  If the sitcom makes you laugh then it is awesome.  I feel like an idiot explaining that good situation comedies should make you laugh but there are some shows that forget this (How I Met Your Mother has forgotten this.  It also drives me crazy when they have serious moments on Parks and Rec and The Office).

When me and my girlfriend get together to watch sitcoms we laugh the loudest and most consistently when we watch Community.  There are so many clever moments it’s hard to pick only a few.  Also, it would be easier to just show you a clip on YouTube than to write the joke out.

2. Community
That clip leads me to the second show on my list.  It’s a half hour sitcom on NBC called Community.  It makes me laugh.

Some of the favourite jokes among fans is the last joke at the end of the show while the credits are rolling.  Some of them are just amazing.  Especially the stuff from the first season.  I want to post them all but I’ll just do the two sweet Rap clips from season 1 and 2.   For other awesome ones search Troy and Abed on YouTube.

3. Community
You may have never heard of the show Community (that’s because NBC has totally dropped the ball with advertising about it) but it is easily one of the best shows on TV that you are not watching but should be.

And for very good reasons.  My favourite reason is that there are no throw away characters.  They are all funny.  Every sitcom has one or two characters that aren’t as funny as the rest of the cast.  Robyn will never be as funny as Marshal on How I Met Your Mother.  Ryan will never be as funny as Dwight on The Office.  Ann will never be as funny as the one and only Ron Swanson.

On Community everyone makes me laugh.  It doesn’t matter who the central story revolves around, it is always a good time.  Each character is so unique and has so much going on for them that the writers know exactly what to do to make us laugh.

I’m not sure how to express this in a single clip so I’ll just show the streets ahead clip to help get it in the general population’s vocabulary.

4. Community
Community is on this list because it parodies movies.  That doesn’t sound like a big deal but they do it in such a clever way that it is incredibly irresistible.  Be sure to watch this show on NBC at every opportunity.

I’m not sure if this counts as a parody but this clip is from the claymation Christmas episode so it kind of pokes fun at all the classic Christmas movies.  If this doesn’t convince you then go watch any of the paintball episodes and you will change your mind in a hurry.

5. Community
It’s awesome you should watch it.  That’s all that really needs to be said.

The trouble is that it’s not on TV right now.  I wrote this post a few months too late.  NBC put it on hiatus.  Until it comes back there is something very important that you need to do.  Go to the local DVD store and buy the first two season.  You shant be disappointed.

If you laughed at the clips on YouTube then you will love the DVD’s.  If you need to watch an entire episode first you can go to NBC (in the States) or CityTV (in Canada).

After you have become a fan (it won’t take but a few episodes) you need to send everyone you know this list so we can spread the word about the 5 TV shows people aren’t watching but should be so that when they come back from hiatus it will have such high viewership that NBC will be forced to renew it for another season.

Pass the word along.
Community is streets ahead.

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9 Responses to 5 TV Shows You Aren’t Watching But Should Be

  1. Alex Vissia says:

    ON HIATUS?! Oh nooooooo… I love love love this show! … And for some reason my roommates (well, two of them) don’t understand how great it is. Aleisha (my sister) and I LOVE it though!

  2. Steven Fisk says:

    The 1st season is also available on netflix for ease of viewing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are completely right in everything you said. I’m a death-hard community fan i got hooked the first episode, every episode got better and the characters became so much more then “just another character” they became something more. My friend and I love this show to its movie parades to its ” Troy and Abed” moments, when we heard the news of it going on hiatus I felt like the world was losing something great.But i still have hope that NBC chooses to put it back on the mid season line up for more seasons like 6 and a movie (pun intended). To add i think it will come back check results of the best TV show 2011 http://www.tv.com/features/best-of-2011-show/.

  4. Daisy Steiner says:

    I love all of those shows!

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