2011 Advent Calendar

Remember last year when I had a daily update for the advent calendar that future Aunt Cindy gave me?  I’m not offended if you don’t.  It’s easily forgettable and I didn’t even finish.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I started it.  It began as something fun, then it changed into something mysterious and full of holiday ambiguity, then I got sick and wrote one of the weirdest posts that I have ever written in my life, and then I got tired of it all and stopped writing.

By the way if you want to read the best (weirdest) from last year it was this one.

I briefly thought about trying to complete a comprehensive daily update on this years calendar but as soon as NaNoWriMo was over I knew I would be too spent to write about silly shaped chocolates.

Instead I’m just going to write a post or two, two if something inspires me by the end of the chocolate countdown.

Check out this sweet looking calendar.  It’s hockey themed.  Even better, it’s Canadian hockey themed (minus Winnipeg).  I was going to try to use this to predict who would win the Stanley Cup but I’m not sure any of these teams are doing well enough.  I also have no idea how well these teams are doing because I only follow hockey when the city I live in has a team in the playoffs.

Each day has a fun fact about one of the Canadian teams (minus Winnipeg) and a hockey shaped chocolate.  Here are some fun facts that have already been revealed.

  1. The original name for the Calgary Flames was the Calgary Flamers.
  2. The Toronto Maple Leafs don’t register to anyone outside of Toronto.
  3. There is a misprint where the Oilers are called the Coilers.
  4. Ottawa got its name from the Roman senators that founded the city.
  5. Everyone in Edmonton hates the Vancouver Canucks for no real reason.
  6. The ‘H’ in the middle of the Canadians logo stands for ‘hardball.’  The team started out playing baseball but switched to hockey when it got cold out and just never switched back.
  7. The advent calendar community doesn’t recognize the Winnipeg Jets as a Canadian hockey team

There’s a taste of what’s going on with the calendar.  I’ll try to take it easy for the rest of the year so that next christmas I’ll be rested enough to give a play by play rundown.

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