Wedding Invitations: Picking a Picture

I got engaged.  The next step is to get married.  First the wedding invites need to be made and that means we experienced the excitement of taking engagement pictures.  Both Maddy and I love getting our pictures taken…that’s a lie.  The whole experience was way awkward.

We were lucky that the person taking the pictures was my sister.  At least she already knows how weird we are.  I’ll show you the best ones to come out of the photo shoot but don’t judge my sister by them.  If you want to see her when she has normal people to take pictures of check out her website.

We can’t decide what pictures to use for our invites so we need the input of the readers of this blog.  Study the pictures below and then vote for your favourite.

This is the look on my face when I think about cheeseburgers. No doubt you've seen it before. It's a popular face for me. Maddy's face is the "Good grief he's thinking about cheeseburgers again" face.

This picture would be appropriate because our wedding is only a few days away from christmas and this is the face I made when I discovered the magic of christmas.

We would use the next three photos as a collage for those of you who have not met me this is a step by step look at how I walk.  Maddy has to hold my hand just to keep me from falling over.

This is us doing our best Zoolander faces. Maddy is doing better at it than I am. My lips are a little too pouty.

This is my mischievous face. This is Maddy's "Don't you dare put this photo on the internet" face. I'm not sure where that name came from.

This may be a good option because it will show the future attendees of our wedding what we are like when the camera is not there. Yes I do hide as much as I can in real life and Maddy is usually laughing at/with me.

Yellow books. Maddy and I have a fondness for yellow books. The only problem is that I'm not sure this picture truly captures how much we like yellow books. It also has nothing to do with weddings and doesn't feature Maddy or I. That does not work in its favour.

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4 Responses to Wedding Invitations: Picking a Picture

  1. Desirée Kastendieck says:

    By the way, I went to your sister’s blog and went down to her posting of the engagement photos and I really think the third one down of you two on the stairs should have made the cut for this blog post. Is it also a coincidence that your sister didn’t put up ANY of these pictures??? Just saying…

    • Desirée Kastendieck says:

      Wait. Just in case it isn’t a coincidence that none of these pictures are on the photographer’s blog, I will take back my first statement and just say that I genuinely LOVE the picture on the stairs.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why must you stir up memories of the orange block of butter for me. I thought that I had finally gotten over the dread of that building. Now I have to go back to therapy. By the way the very fun pictures.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tyler, There are some really nice pictures on Chelsey’s blog. She did a really good job in spite of her subjects(with exception to Maddie because she always looks beautiful.)

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