RIP SBS: Shame Lake


This is my favourite thing about SBS because it is easily the most shameful thing about SBS, shameful and mysterious.

Water would leak onto the floor by the passengers feet.  It would happen after it rained so obviously it has something to do with the water getting under the hood.  The mysterious thing about the leaking water is that it continued to leak days after the last rainfall.  It would just keep coming day after day.

I had to warn everyone who sat down there that there might be water at their feet.  There were times when I should have just told them to wear gum boots or maybe even sit in the back.  The water would linger there for a long time.  As you can see in the picture SBS was never all the way clean so it’s not like it was a pure glacial water lake with rainbow trout swimming in it and baby dears drinking out of it.  Lake Shame was polluted and broke down the garbage that got caught in the current.  If the water was there for a long time than weird smells would emanate from the floor.

I think it was a survival mechanism.  SBS was just collecting water incase I ever got lost in the desert.  There were times when I could see the water flowing down the front of where the passenger sits and down the side of the car along the door and pooling near where the feet rest.  The water was flowing from SBS’s emergency water reservoir.

The picture is almost too much to look at.  Kind of gross.  But that’s just the way SBS was.

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