The details are a little fuzzy.  I was driving along and yada-yada-yada the hood no longer latches like a champ.  I mean the latch is still there but you have to move it with your finger to open and close it because of the way it’s bent.  Closing it by just slamming the hood down just bends it even worse.

Also, the only thing holding the hood down was that little latch.  If you look at the second picture you can see a big gap where the edge of the hood sticks up from the rest of the car.  As I drove down the highway the wind would sweep under my hood and the latch would struggle to hold the hood down.  I was sure it would blow up and smash the windshield at some point but it never happened.  SBS has a strong latch.

Over time the hood started to contort because of all the wind.  It’s hard to see in the pictures but most of those dents weren’t there before the hood got messed up.


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