RIP SBS: Gas Cap

The problem with the gas cap is there isn’t one.  I’m struggling to remember the story.  Was it ninjas or an ADD attack that stole SBS’s gas cap?  It could have been ninjas with ADD.  Either way, one day I lent my car to my brother because SBS has a lot of love to give and it needs to be shared.  When he gave it back the gas cap was gone.

I didn’t replace it before SBS died.  There were several months between the gas cap getting lost and the car dying.  Because the gas cap wasn’t there I was always nervous about filling my car up all the way.  What if the gas sloshed out while I Tokyo Drifted to work (Yes! I just totally dropped a reference to my favourite movie)?  So for the last run of SBS’s life the gas tank was never full all the way.

Below is a picture of my brother lamenting the death of SBS.  I wonder if he still feels guilty about loosing or at least being involved with the missing gas cap?  Is that a single tear in his eye?

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