RIP SBS: Mirror

It happened during the winter.  I live in one of the new communities in Edmonton.  Even in the summer there isn’t enough room for cars to pass each other on these roads.  In the winter when each side of the road is piled higher than me with snow there is barely enough room to park and for people to drive past.  As a result beautiful cars like SBS get their mirrors ripped off when trucks drive past.

My guess is that whoever did it took one look at my car and decided it wasn’t worth it to leave a note.  The only things I found when I got to my car were shattered pieces of glass that were soon showered with my tears.  The only way to console my wounded heart was to imagine that a shard of glass had spun off and slashed the tire of the offending vehicle or at least cut the scrotum of his truck nuts.

I drove for most of the winter with no mirror.  Then me and my girlfriend got a brilliant idea.  Why don’t we just tape a mirror there!  We went to the local dollar store and bought a small mirror and duck tape.  For some reason the duck tape was blue but it worked out because that goes better with my former sweet ride.

The mirror was all looks.  I tried to tape it on at an angle so that I could see behind me but it didn’t work out.  It is totally just there so that people won’t judge me for not having a mirror.

Also, PROWlers, I recognize that I am switching tenses when talking about my car.  My car isn’t “is” it’s “was” because it’s no longer with us.  I just am having trouble dealing with the pain.  It helps to pretend SBS is still alive and just running free range on some special car ranch.

Also going to the dollar store to buy things for minor car repair is a solid date idea.  You’re welcome.

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