Look for the Good

(This is another post from several months ago but I try to look for good a lot now and I also have fun writing about it so I’m going to make it a feature on this blog.)

The first presidency message is all about the glass being half full.  There is no picture on the church website but in the Ensign there is actually a picture of a glass of water that is only half full.  I also included a picture here incase you didn’t know what a glass half full looked like.  My first thought when I saw it wasn’t whether it was half full or half empty it was about how thirsty I was.  Check out the picture.  It is a great looking glass of water. (Another comment from the back of my brain where memories of my childhood dwell:  when I get really thirsty I drink water like Fievel Mousekewitz when he drinks a whole bowl full after getting out of the desert.)

In the message, President Uchtdorf talks about how people usually find what they are looking for in other people whether it’s positive or negative.  We need to look for the good things in life and in other people. He says, “for whatever we seek, that we will certainly find.”

The bad thing is life will always be full of challenges.  There will always be something or someone trying to drag you down.  Don’t be a cup half empty person!  You are not alone.  You are not the only person in the world.  There are hundreds maybe even thousands of people dealing with the same problems you are.  Try and find some strength in numbers!

I feel like a ball of cheese bringing it up but I’m going to talk about people who are looking for the person they want to spend the rest of their lives and into eternity with.  At church I’m in a young single adult ward so there are a lot of people around me who want to be married.  This next bit is for them

You are in a singles ward.  Not that that’s bad but the being single part can be a drag.  You want to be with someone but it’s not happening.  You are not alone.  The guy or girl that you are eventually going to end up with is also out there single somewhere.

It will only get better from here.  Sure there will still be ups and downs but they won’t be as dramatic when you’re with your significant other. Don’t give up.  He or she is looking for you just like you are looking him or her.

Are you still reading or have dismissed my optimism?  Have you heard that before?  Well, that’s not the only half full thing about being single.

You get to go on a lot of dates with a lot of other people.  This might not sound like a big deal but you might never be able to do this again.  Once you’re married you can’t date other people. Take advantage of the situation and get to know a bunch of members of the opposite sex.  That’s a positive.

Even if you go on a bunch of horrible dates, life is still not that bad.  Bad date stories are some of the best stories out there. I had a friend in Calgary who was the queen of attracting bad daters.  I was sad when she got married because there would be no more awesome stories.

If you don’t go on a lot of dates it’s still not bad.  Eventually you will find the right person and in the meantime you will have learned incredible patience and when you do find the right person you will be even more grateful that you did.

There is more. There are lots of ways to put the positive spin on anything.  You just have to be looking from the right perspective. So read over the message in the link at the top of this post and then look for the good things all around you.

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