RIP SBS: Never Locked

I have troubling news for everyone.  If you are here because of the good news about me and Maddy getting engaged then I apologize that what I’m about to say may kill your buzz.

SBS has died.

SBS is slang for Stinging Bullet of Shame.  A name given to my car by my brother.  He has a gift for naming cars because SBS was an SBS.

When it first broke down I was so overwhelmed with the change in my lifestyle because SBS wasn’t part of it that I totally forgot I took pictures to remind myself how ‘special’ that car was.

Every five days from here on in I will share these pictures with you and tell the story behind them.  It will help both of us get over the sudden loss of a beastly vehicle.

This is the lock on the driver’s side door.  It works.  Kind of.

I think that the fastest I was ever able to open the locked door was four hours.  You had to put the key in a certain way, not too far in and not too far out.  Then you had to turn it just the right way to release the lock.  After struggling to remember just the right way I finally resorted to just never locking my car.  It was like that for most of the time I had it.

It was too hard to open and I figured if someone was desperate enough to steal that lovely machine then they probably needed it more than I did.  How crappy does your life have to be to need to steal SBS?

Turns out no one’s life is that crappy because SBS was never stolen.  Somehow that gives me hope.  Thank you SBS for giving me hope one last time.

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3 Responses to RIP SBS: Never Locked

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your right…..Tyler…….I ‘d rather hear the good news about you & Maddy’s up-coming bliss. Your rants about your SBS painfully reminds me of my SOB……..unc’ don

  2. Something good will happen soon to take our mind off of this. I hope anyway. *single tear

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