Gives Me Hope

(I decided I had too many blogs so I am trying to combine them as gracefully as I can.  I wrote this in the fall of last year but it’s solid and it’s something I still live by.  Enjoy!)


My friend was asking me what my plans for life were now that I’m not going back to school.  I’m an aspiring novelist so I told him my plans were, “to work like mad for a few months and then go part-time and write like mad.”  He said something that made me stop and think.

Why does it have to be “write like mad” why can’t it be something more positive, like “write like glad.”

My friend, who isn’t part of our church but is still a really cool guy and I’m convinced he will be a famous writer someday, was trying to be funny, not trying to teach me something.  But he did.  By accident.

It got me thinking about the small negative things in my life that are easy to remove or change.

I wanted to change the feeling of work being a chore.  Instead of getting up and working like mad everyday, instead of just putting my head down and going going going, I would look for little moments in my day to give service to my coworkers.

That helped but that was mostly stuff I was supposed to be doing anyway.  It helped that I was smiling more but other than that it did not give me the satisfaction I was looking for.

Then I started thinking about hope.  Trying to think positive and helping people be more happy just naturally led my brain towards hope.  How do I give more hope to people?

I did what any 20 something-year-old with a fancy phone or iPod would do.

I checked to see if there was an app for that.

And there is.  It’s called Gives Me Hope.

And it works so well with what got me thinking about this all in the first place.  Gives me hope, or GMH, is the optimist version of another popular website FML which has some very funny stories but there are a lot of off colour stories to go with it so I’d feel guilty saying you should read it but chances are you already have.  It’s very popular.

The pessimist GMH is all about how people’s lives suck.  Something bad happens and they hate their lives.  Most of the time their lives suck so bad it’s hilarious, but that still doesn’t change the fact that it subtly makes our lives more negative.  It’s impossible to remove all the negativity from our lives but we should try or at least know of an alternative.

GMH is an alternative.  Instead of complaining about life it’s all about sharing the moments that give us hope.

It’s okay to have fun and laugh.  If your life is so bad it’s funny then you should definitely tell the tale.  Then move on.  Try not to dwell on the negative.

If you need some uplifting stories.  Check out Gives Me Hope.

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2 Responses to Gives Me Hope

  1. chelsey says:

    I loved this post! I will refrain from saying anything too special because I don’t want there to be any brother sister awkwardness.

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