Super 8 (Yellow)

This is what (Yellow) means.

Abrams said this movie was kind of a tribute to early Amblin movies like ET.  I should have known then that I wouldn’t have liked it.  Am I the only one who got freaked out by that little guy?

Super 8 made me sad. J. J. Abrams is the man. I loved his first two movies.  They were exciting and both revived dying franchises. This movie, an “original” idea written and directed by Abrams, did not live up to my expectations. It didn’t even come close.  I put original in quotations because it doesn’t feel original at all.

My first instinct when I came out of the theater was to label it (Red) and tell everyone not to watch it.  That might be an overreaction.  It’s not the worst movie ever made.  It’s just that with the big names behind it you expect way more.

The biggest complaint I have with this movie is nothing really happens and when it does there are no surprises because the answer to the mystery is obvious. I didn’t feel a lot of creativity coming from this movie.

If you’ve seen the trailer then you can figure out everything that happens in the movie. I kept waiting for a twist but it never came.  It is literally just a movie about an alien escaping after a train derailment and nothing else.

Oh wait, there’s a plot line with the main kid and his dad trying to put their lives back together after the mom dies.  At the beginning I had no problem with this plot line but as the main alien plot failed to develop this father son bonding plot felt forced.

And those kids were annoying. Surly I wasn’t that annoying when I was a child? Did I curse like a sailor and steel from my parents? Not that I remember. They had some funny lines but it wasn’t consistent enough for me to care when they faced peril.

Also, there is never any real peril in a movie like this. The kids are running from explosions and I’m not entertained because I know that nothing is going to happen to them because they’re kids and it’s not the kind of movie where kids die.

I was disappointed in this movie and have spent all day thinking about it.  My advice to you is if you want to see this movie to just wait untill it comes out on DVD.

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