Thor (Yellow)

It’s (Yellow) but I really really wanted to tell you it was (Green) and honestly it was really close it was just too boring.

And I waited a few days to write this because I really have nothing else to say.  That’s the kind of perfectly average this movie is.  Nothing really happens that is worth talking about.  Thor gets kicked out of his home, goes to Earth, learns to be a better person, and then goes back to where he came from to unleash his new found maturity on unsuspecting foes.

It’s more or the less the same plot as Cars.

There are some cool things.  The hammer is cool.  That giant robot from the trailer is cool but it’s hardly in there.  There are some funny moments.  There are some interesting hints and tie-in’s to The Avengers.

There is nothing in this movie that offends me or turned me off it was just not very exciting.

Saying it’s predictable is too easy but it left me so bored I haven’t been able to come up with a better way to express myself.

Also, how is Thor a super hero?  He is a god.  How is anything supposed to hurt him?  He has no real weaknesses.  There was no way to relate to any of the characters.  The humans were so one dimensional they could be written by junior high students.

The love story is as contrived as they come.  They knew each other for about a day and a half and for most of that she thought he was a crazy person.  That is one of the many reasons the Earth stuff is so uninspiring.

Nothing human is ever at stake in this movie.  The consequences of Thor not growing up and learning a lesson about being a true hero is that he won’t learn a lesson about being a true hero.  That’s what every super hero action movie needs, right?

Go see this movie if you have nothing going on.  Otherwise just wait for the DVD.  The way this ends it will be required viewing for The Avengers but no need to see it right away.

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