Summer Movies: Unleash the Traffic Lights

This is how I recommend movies.  With traffic light designations.

Now that it’s summer time I’m going back to having a bunch of movie reviews up on my blog.  Especially now that there is a home for my random thoughts on toilet reading, and watching people run (if you haven’t checked out Make Strange yet you should).  The review for Five is below what you’re reading now and soon the review for Thor will be above this post.

Summer movies are my favourite movies so I thought I would take a moment to look into my Movie Trailer Crystal Ball and predict the winners and the losers of the summer.

My prediction for best movie of the summer is Super 8.  The main reason is it’s written and directed by J.J. Abrams who is my writing hero.  If he ever has a movie coming out it is always going to be the one I’m looking forward to the most but this movie is going to be extra awesome because it will be an original story straight out of his brain.  He already made killer movies out of established franchises (Mission: Impossible 3 and Star Trek) so just imagine what he can do with his own ideas.  Plus he made Lost and Alias, so that’s awesome.

The biggest surprise of the summer has already happened.  By that I mean that the trailer for Transformers 3 makes it look like a movie I might want to watch.  I didn’t think that was possible.  This movie wasn’t supposed to have a chance but those robot tentacles taking out that sky scraper upgraded this movie from (Red) to (Yellow) in terms of how excited I am to see it.  It could be the surprising hit to more than just teenage boys.

The Biggest loser is going to be either Priest, Cars 2, or The Smurfs.  Priest because it’s about vampires and vampires are boring.  Cars 2 because the first Cars was horrible and I’m pretty sure the only reason the second one is being made is for the toys.  The Smurfs is going to suck because it’s about little blue people who randomly substitute smurf for other words and after that movie comes out other people are going to start doing that and the though of that happening already has me annoyed.

One last word on Cars 2.  The people at Pixar are the best movie makers currently alive but Cars was a steaming pile of mistakes.  If they can make a real movie out of a sequel then I will eat my hat, which is a big deal.  I only have one hat because my head is a weird shape.

Look into your own crystal ball and put your predictions in the comments.

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