Illinois Avenue: How to Beat Scott at Monopoly

My brother-in-law Scott has one every single game of monopoly him and I have ever been involved in.  Every one.  It was starting to get spooky.  Maybe it was because we just weren’t trying.  So I gathered my siblings and others together to try to beat scott.  Surly with all of us working together we would be able to stop him from winning.

We didn’t.

So we tried again and we failed again.  How was he beating us and doing it so easily?

I decided to research Monopoly strategies.  Before my only strategy was ‘beat Scott’ but that wasn’t working so I needed to do something else.

I’m not exactly sure what the strategies were.  I saw a bunch of numbers and realized if I was going to get hardcore about this then I was going to have to do some math.  That was never going to happen so I just looked up facts about the game.

Turns out all I needed was one fact.  Illinois Avenue is the most landed on property.  I would just build Scott’s demise on this.

We got me, my girlfriend, two sisters, and their husbands to play.  Of course one of those husbands was Scott and we were all looking to take him down.  We didn’t even care who won we just cared about Scott loosing.  No doubt we cared more about this than he did.

My first problem was that we weren’t play classic Monopoly.  We were playing Monopoly City where all the properties have different names.  I had only read that Illinois Avenue was the most landed on property I didn’t know where on the board it was.

There were some tense moments as I fought with my memory about where Illinois avenue was.  I knew it was somewhere on the red.  I guessed it was the third property called Middleton (I found out later I was right).

One of the things that’s different about Monopoly City is that you can auction properties.  There was an opportunity early in the game for me to auction any unowned property and I chose Middleton and got it.  Another thing that is unique is that you don’t need a monopoly to start building houses so I was immediately started building.

Now I don’t know if I can take all the credit but long story short me, the others, and Kate Middleton finally defeated Scott.  There were no winners.  As soon as he lost we quit playing and went to bed.

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3 Responses to Illinois Avenue: How to Beat Scott at Monopoly

  1. Misha says:

    I also have uncanny luck when it comes to winning monopoly. Hehehe. And I’ve never lost to Illinois avenue. ;-P

  2. chelsey says:

    Ummm… I’m pretty sure I won!

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