I never wanted to self publish.  That was always what bad writers who couldn’t get a contract did.  But it seems like that has changed in the last several months.  Almost everyday I get a tweet about how awesome it is to self publish and why it’s better than traditional publishing.  I get so bombarded with it that I’ve started to change my mind.

My views on how to self publish have changed as well.  I used to think it was easy and that you could do it all for free.  That’s not true.  Unless you are the greatest writer of all time.  Before you self publish you have to design a book cover and if you don’t do that yourself then it’s going to cost money.  You also have to pay someone to edit your book.  I said “have to” because it’s impossible to edit your own stuff.  The price of editing a book is going to be a lot and the longer the book the more it will cost.

I used to think of self publishing as something you do for free and then it’s all profit after that.  Now that I know a little more the truth is you can spend a couple thousand dollars on it and not get anything back in return if no one buys it.

At least not for several years.  One of the strong points of self publishing is the strength you get from a back catalog.  Trouble is, I don’t have a back catalog.  If I publish the book I just finished it would be months before a got the second one out and maybe a year before the third one was out.  By then I’ve spent a large chunk of money on editing and designing.  I’ll have three books for people to buy but I don’t even know if people are going to like what I write.

So what do I do?  Keep trying to get a traditional publishing contract or do I work some more shifts at a job that eats away at my writing time so that I can pay to make my book awesome at the chance of making money off of it?

I don’t know what I’m going to do.  But I’ll just keep writing until I figure it out.

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