D is for Dr. Strangelove

Guess what movie I watched for the first time tonight?

Guess what is one of my new favourite movies?

There is nothing new anyone can say about this movie.  It’s one of those classic movies that’s been out for ages and that everyone (except me) had seen.  I just needed something write about that started with D for this A to Z challenge that I signed up for.  Still not sure why I did that.

I will say this about my viewing experience.  It was the strangest group of people I have ever been included in and I’m part of a religion whose people describe themselves as being “a peculiar people.”

The movie played at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton.  As we walked up to the building we quickly blew past the other people also making their approach.  Not because we were fast but because everyone else was slow, because they were all in their 8th or 9th decade.

Let me first describe our row.  Beside my girlfriend was a guy wearing a feminine green coat with burgundy pants and work boots.  He also had a small pouch around his neck.  Who knows what was in there.  We guessed his blood.  Before the movie he and his fresh-out-the-hippy-tree girlfriend were making out.  I told my girlfriend we shouldn’t break the tradition our fellow row-mates had started.  She said no.

Beside me was an older couple.  I think the man had no idea where he was.  Several times during the movie his wife had to explain to him what was going on.  Luckily, he had it together enough to sing along to the song playing over the nuclear explosion ending.  It was awesome.  Both the ending and the serenading.

Before the movie a guy got up and told us what the movie was about and gave us a few interesting trivia points about the movie.  Those interesting tidbits were not so quietly whispered by half the audience when they came on screen.  I’m not sure why.  We all heard it at the beginning so why did they have to whisper what everyone already knew?

It was a crowd of old people, homeless looking people, hipsters, and me.

The whole experience was fantastic.  I wish I could have them all over to my house every time I watched something here.

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4 Responses to D is for Dr. Strangelove

  1. Shah Wharton says:

    I love anything with Peter Sellers in it. He was a genius of comedy and a bloody good actor too. He was also mentally ill and incredibly egotistical apparently, though that bothers me not a jot! This film in particular was one of his best, though I loved the Pink Panther films too. Inspector Clussuo was a superb comedy character (and although i admire a lot of Steve Martin’s work – he didn’t do Clussou well at all).

    Great post!

    Found and followed you on twitter, also participating in the challenge. User name shahw1. X

  2. Desirée Kastendieck says:

    So, A to Z challenge….where’s A? I found B, C, and D, but no A. Fill me in.

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