Baby Names

The following baby names are off limits until I have children of my own:

Mustang Mufasa
This is going to be a sweet name for a son who shares DNA with me.  Chances are he will be hairy like a lion.  Also, it conjures a majestic vision of a half horse half lion.

This is in case any of my children are born with 8 of anything.  Or if they are born in October.  Or if they grow up to fight in the Octagon.  “Octavio! King of the Octagon!”  He wouldn’t resent my name choice after hearing crowds chant that.

Apple Hardcore
Solid name for a computer.  Solid name for a BA daughter who doesn’t take any crap from anyone.  Except me cause I gave her such a sweet name.

Whatever my wife’s name is Jr.
I’m not married but when I do and when I have a daughter those two girls will have the same name.  Why are there no girl Jr’s?  Is it only for guys?  Is there a girl version that I don’t know about.  Instead of researching it I’m just going to start my own female Jr. movement.

As a writer I also have a special category of names  to reflect the way I hope to make money.  Paige, Reid, Author, Story, and Stephen King.

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