Nothing Sweet About It

I talked to my sister and figured out what this horrible creation is. The meat is lunch meat of unknown origins and on top is sweet onion sauce.  The white stuff in the middle is mayo.  She had a little bite, it was for her birthday after all, and she’s still alive.  That’s good news.

There is no way I will ever get sweet onion sauce at the popular sub shop that’s not Quizno’s and shares a name with a popular mode of transportation.  Why does it look like Kiwi Jam?

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2 Responses to Nothing Sweet About It

  1. Note Its the sauce that makes Subway sandwiches stand out from one another Todd Wilbur says. trimmed and chopped green onions Directions In a 4- to 6-cup saucepan combine wheat berries with a large pinch of salt and enough to cover them by at least inch.

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