Facebook: Couple Profile Pictures

Facebook couple profile pictures.  In short: don’t do it.

Here are the current profile pictures of my sister and her husband.

The one on the left is my brother-in-law’s and the one on the right is my sister’s. The picture on the right is not what my sister looks like (she’s the girl in the picture on the left). It’s a picture of some kind of all meat sandwich with some kind of weird looking toxic pickle on the top.  I’ll have to ask her what the different layers are.

This seems like a good distinction between the two.  My sister’s is obviously different from my brother-in-law’s.  However, this is what my sister’s profile picture used to be.

For a very long time, or at least it feels like that, my sister and her husband have had profile pictures that feature both of them.  That’s no good. Because at a glance you can’t tell the two apart.  I see a picture of my sister and I assume it’s my sister on Facebook.  Just now my brother-in-law updated his status to say, “I have the best SISTERS in the world, and the best MOM in the world, thats why I married the best WOMAN in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I thought that was my sister.  So suddenly there is a fresh pot of sibling jealousy (why are my other sisters doing nice thing for a sibling that isn’t me?) and a dramatic sexual preference realignment.  How could my dear sister announce something like that on Facebook without telling me first?  What is my newest brother-in-law going to do now that his wife is married to “the best WOMAN in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!?” (also, how do you punctuate that last sentence?  It was a quotation that ended in an exclamation point.  Does the question mark still go inside the quotations?) and why is my sister being so liberal with her exclamation points.

The excessive exclamation points are another thing that annoys me about Facebook but I’ll fly off about those some other day.

Of course as my world came tumbling around me I realized it wasn’t my sister who wrote it.  Yes, it was as simple as looking at the name beside the picture but it waisted 1.7 seconds of my life and it happens every time he uses Facebook.  He uses it less than my sister so whenever I see a picture of her on Facebook I always assume it’s her and that she just changed her picture.

Those 1.7 seconds add up.  Not only that but they can be traumatic seconds if he posts something that changes everything I know about my sister.

They also aren’t the only people on my friends list who do this.  It’s one of the trials of being friends with couples.

So change it.  Cause I get confused easily and sooner or later you’re going to give me a heart attack.

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6 Responses to Facebook: Couple Profile Pictures

  1. Ha that is funny. My profile pic on fb right now is currently of me and my husband. I have done the same thing with other couples assuming it was one when it was really the other.

    • I have kept the same profile picture for over a year. Not just because it’s an awesome picture of me on the cover of time magazine but out of courtesy for my Facebook friends.

  2. Chelsey says:

    I totally get Carolyn and Allan mixed up on FB because of their profile pictures!

  3. business says:

    says ……….I dont do this maybe when I first got married and had wedding pics but I usually put a profile pic of myself my husband does also with his.What I dont get is couples that put pictures of themselves together when they also have their own profiles. says ……….Well thats different then I am referring to people that have two separate accounts that are together…………………………………..

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