Word of the Day!

I downloaded the dictionary.com app for my iPhone.  It’s awesome.  Even if you don’t know how to spell it you can just say the word out loud and it will show you how.  I use that one all the time.  It works pretty well.  We were trying slang on it and either Imma, as in Imma going to be a rockstar as soon as I learn to shred, isn’t a word or dictionary.com doesn’t do slang.

Yes. I already checked to see if urban dictionary had an app.  I couldn’t find one but if it exists let me know.

That’s not what I want to post about anyway.  I want to tell you that the planets have aligned.  If there was any doubt that this would be a good day or that this blog would be a failure then you can throw out that doubt right now.

The word of the day for today, March 7, 2011 is… Chortle!!

Cue the confetti!!

Cue the marching band!!!

Cue the YouTube clip of Charlie saying winning!!!

I believe in celebrating every victory.  It might not seem like a victory but I think it’s totally awesome that the word of the day is chortle.  What are the chances?  Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket.

Just ignore me if this means nothing to you.

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