Advent Calendar: DB Fox

On the 16th day of the advent calendar we open the door to a dark past.

The door is right overtop of the DB fox’s brain.  We get to look inside and see what is making that guy so angry.  Why is he such a douche to everyone around him?

It’s a snowman.  Or at least it’s most likely to be snowman.  There is an equal possibility that it is a really fat guy.  Maybe even a fat witch.

But I don’t all the way understand the different things that are around the snowman.  Is he holding a hockey stick or is that a Ricola horn?  Is there a big gaping hole in his chest?  Does that snowman have legs?

I also do not think that this is all the clues we need to find the reason why the DB fox is such a DB.  We know it has something to do with a weird looking snowman.

If we were playing clue we would need two more cards.

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