Tron: Legacy (Green)

I liked this movie and I fully expected to be one of the few people who didn’t.  All the reviews and feedback I got said that it looked awesome but the story was no good.  When other people say the story is no good that usually means that I will hate it because story is the most important part to me.

But this movie didn’t need a good story.

I give you the green light to go see this movie but let me prepare you for what you will see.

Seeing is all you will be doing.  You won’t feel anything.  The characters don’t have very much depth.  It’s hard to connect with them.  I guess there’s a little bit of emotion between Sam and his father but it’s run-of-the-mill kind of stuff.

The spectacle of this movie is awesome.  The random lights on people, the cool looking bikes and ships, those lightsabers that turned into bikes and ships were all really sweet.

I like how the good guys were blue and the bad guys were orange but I don’t really understand it.  There is point in the movie where Sam and his father are sneaking around a bunch of the orange guys and I wondered why they didn’t just change the color of their lights.  Then no one would chase them.  Or why didn’t they just turn off the lights.  It’s easier to sneak around when you don’t have brightly lit clothing.

The best part of this movie is the beginning when Sam first gets to The Grid and is forced to play games to survive.  I thought that was awesome and was a little disappointed when it didn’t last for the whole movie.

I haven’t seen the first Tron so I thought that this movie was just going to be Sam playing deadly computer games.

After he finishes those games the “story” starts.  But it’s a mess.  Mostly it’s just blah blah blah get back to the action.

The back story is confusing.  I still don’t know who or what Tron is or why he matters.

The last act of the movie is bogged down in a lot of exposition that is only in there to appease people who saw the first one (there were some gloivins behind us who declared it the best movie ever but only if you saw the first one) but it does nothing for us fresh viewers.

What they should have done was just reboot the franchise.

The music in this movie is amazing.  I’m not the biggest Daft Punk fan but those guys did an awesome job on the soundtrack.  It fit the movie perfectly.

Jeff bridges was good but the person who really stood out in my mind was Olivia Wilde and it wasn’t for the reasons you would think.  They didn’t not use her sexuality to sell the movie.  Yes, she is wearing skin tight clothes but that’s it.  There is nothing really horrible going on with her.

And she brought something unique to her character.  I was expecting something totally different from her.  I expected her to be the stereotypical girl in a guy movie but she was different and I enjoyed being surprised by that.  I found myself wanting more of her character and less of the others.  I hope she is around for the sequel.

This is an exciting movie that the whole family can see.  No risky content.

Someone told me that they are planning to do a trilogy and if they are I will definitely watch them all.

Especially if there is a Tron/Fast and the Furious cross over movie.  Wouldn’t that be the sweetest thing ever?


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One Response to Tron: Legacy (Green)

  1. Sara C says:

    Great review! I completely agree with you, you couldn’t relate to the characters and the story was a bit sub-par….however I still really really enjoyed it-which I suppose is all you really want from a film! 🙂

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