Advent Calendar: What Did Santa Eat?

Of all the places to have a door leading to chocolate.  Good grief.

Did no one look at what they were doing before they through this out to the public?

Yes this was probably made in a third world country where Christmas isn’t a big deal.  That would excuse the low quality of the chocolate and lack of Christmas shaped chocolates (shoe horns, trains, and such).  But that does not excuse the over site of putting chocolate in Santa’s butt.  There are somethings that are universal over all cultures.

It would have been an easy fix. They could have just shifted the picture over a little so the door wouldn’t have been in such an awkward place.

If only this one would have been the squirrel.  The Anchorman reference would have worked way better here.

It least this way we can solve one of the questions I had when I first looked at this picture.  It’s actually a question I’ve had since I was a child.

What does Santa eat before he leaves to give the children toys?

As you can tell from this, he eats a King Cobra.  This one has his head up and his hood out.  It’s kind of weird that Santa ate the whole thing.  Didn’t even bite.  Swallowed it whole.  Head and all.

From this chocolate I also learned some important things about eating King Cobras.  First of all, they are not satisfying.  Eating a King Cobra isn’t enough to satisfy Santa.  He needs more food as the night goes on.  I also learned that nothing goes better with snake than milk and cookies.

Remember that next time you have your friends over for your authentic North Pole dinner.

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