Advent Calendar: Educators, Leotards, and Housecoats

Day 12 is up on the top row.  We are getting close to our first bingo.  A straight line across the top.

Today is another day where we try to see if the advent calendar is sending any secret messages by unscrambling the letters that are on the door of day 12.  The letters are hocolatoursde.

Using my brain I came up with these words from those letters


That was fun.  I don’t feel like telling you all what the secret message I got from these words is so I’ll tell you a joke instead.

Do you see that last word on the list.  Castor is the name of a small town in Alberta.  Do you know what their high school basketball team is named?  The Raiders.  They’re the Castor Raiders.

The chocolate is the string you tie around your finger to remind you to remember something.  My guess is they needed to remember to find something for day 12.  Good thing most people would confuse this for a wreath.


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