Advent Calendar: Cannibalism Vs. Just Being a Carnivore

Behind the 11th door is evidence of cannibalism.  Look at where door 11 is.  We are opening the stomach of that rodent.  Inside is this.

Like most things in this advent calendar we don’t know exactly what it is but we have a general idea of what it could be.  This is some kind of animal.  A bear maybe?  But there are so many different kinds of bears there is no way to get more specific than that.  It could be anything from a gummy bear to the Lost polar bear.

I could also be a teddy bear.  The toy I mean.  But if a child bear is getting a teddy bear as a gift for christmas does she just call it a doll?  Do they have the same lingo as us?

Whatever it is I’m a little creeped out that it doesn’t have a face.  There seems to be some acne scarring from the animal’s teenage years.  There’s also a hole in its head but not in a place where someone should have a hole.  It’s not an ear, mouth, or nostril.

Also, is it called cannibalism if an animal who acts as a human eats another animal or does it stay as carnivore?

I mean if  Teddy Ruxpin ate Basil the bear from Sesame Street is that the circle of life or is Teddy Ruxpin looking at jail time?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

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