Advent Calendar: Alien Santa

It’s day 10.  The first day of double digits.  Exciting times.  The best way to celebrate is to open the number 10 door and sneak through the window of that snowy cabin.  Is that Santa’s house?  If it is it’s very humble.  I always pictured Santa’s house beside a toy factory but I don’t see one here.

Maybe this is just a stop on the toy run.

No wait! That’s the cabin these Animals live in.  They wear people clothes so why not sleep indoors.

I’m not sure there is enough room in that snowy cabin for all these animals.  Especially the DB fox.  I know exactly what kind of roommate he is.  He’s unemployed, always wanted to borrow your scarf, and complaining about the scat not being cleaned up in a timely matter even when it’s obviously fox scat.

There are no power lines going to the snowy cabin so I’m assuming the light coming from inside is from candles or other types of flames.  Did they leave one of the animals behind to supervise the fire?

Actually, the more I think about it the more questions come up.

What are these animals doing?  Did they lay a trap for Santa?  He has come to give them toys and such.  They should be sleeping.  Why are they outside riding on his sled?  Is this some Christmas story that I don’t know?

And I thought Santa only brought stuff to human kids. If they wanted this advent calendar to be believable then they should have made Santa an animal was well.

Any animal except for a Fox.

Not the best picture but trust me when I tell you that it’s Santa.  The weirdest looking santa you’ve ever seen.

We could argue about whether it’s an alien or an anime Santa but I don’t have the energy right now.  Let’s just point out what’s wrong with it.

The eyes are too big.  They take up half the head and they have no pupils or irises.  Just the whites.

It looks like there are lines under the eyes.  War paint?  Going to go play some football?

Santa has a muppet mouth.

There is no way to make this Santa not creepy but that didn’t stop me from eating him.

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