Advent Calendar: Driftnic

Day seven has become a landmark for this advent calendar.  The first time two doors next to each other were open.  Also, I just noticed that there is a little bit of chocolate left in the door right above door seven.  Don’t worry I’ve taken care of it.  It won’t be there tomorrow.  Can’t waste the chocolate.

The picture on the window is what some people would say just a snow drift.  But a snow drift is never just a snow drift.  It’s a magical thing that can mean many things to many different people.  To small children it could be a sledding hill.  Don’t look at me like that.  A big snow drift and a real small kid.  It would totally work for a prairie kid.

The best snow forts are all made out of snow drifts.  I remember in elementary school there was an awesome snow storm that closed all the schools.  The drifts were so big they blocked whole doors.  It was prime snow fort building times.  Instead of going to school me and my chums just walked around the village looking for the biggest drifts.

Also, one time my and I friend built a two level snow fort.  Yeah.  We were that good.  The drift we tunnelled out was so hard we could build another fort on top of it.  That was the best winter of all time.

I still haven’t forgiven the chinook that destroyed it.  If I had built that thing in Edmonton it would have lasted all winter.

Have you ever had a driftnic before?  It’s picnic in a snow drift.

We were in Cardston where it was sunny and warm and decided to have a picnic in Waterton.  What we didn’t know was that there was all kinds of snow in Waterton.  We didn’t want to abandon our picnic so we just cleared the snow off the table and ate quickly.  The driftnic was born.

Hmm.  Is that a good or bad date idea?

It’s a tree.  Out in the wild.  Covered in snow.  So beautiful.

*single tear.

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