Advent Calendar: Sincere Confusion

Day six is full of random. The door doesn’t have a significant picture on it.  Part of it is a mouse nose and another part is the back of a bear/rat hybrid’s head.  Not only do I not know what picture is on the chocolate but I also have no idea what that animal is.  I have provided pictures of both.  Please help me identify them so I can blog about them properly.

If you know what this is please use tell me in the comments.

I admit that this isn’t the best picture but I have supplied another one.  The best guess I have is that it might be… Mistletoe? But truthfully it’s just as likely to be an Ewok (did you forget about the Star Wars Holiday Special?).  In the shoe horn post there were two votes for it being poop.  If ever there was a poop chocolate it would be this one.  In fact I think my nephew Nolan had this very mould in his diaper this morning.

I think I see ET’s head.  Two eyes on either side of a really wide head with a wide open mouth.  Maybe even a finger pointing.  Do you see the finger on the left side of the chocolate?

I ate the chocolate too fast to get two pictures of it.  Instead I had to take a picture of the mould behind the door.  It doesn’t really help.  It looks completely different from what’s on the chocolate.  There is something bulbous on the bottom.  If my ET theory is correct then he is going through puberty and has a massive zit on his chin.

Or it’s Jay Leno wearing a christmas wreath.  It could be anything really.  Considering what we’ve seen so far in this advent calendar it might not even be related to Christmas.  Is it a leprechaun? The Easter Bunny?  Martin Luther King Jr.?

Here is a picture of the mystery animal.  Tell me what that is.  It might be a bear but I’m suspicious of its nose.  It looks too pointed for this thing to be a pure blood bear.  Why is it’s neck so much fatter then the rest of it?  What is the point in such a small tail?  What is the name of this mixed species animal?  If you have the answers to any of these questions please leave a comment.

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