Advent Calendar: The Season of the Train

Day 4 (not 24)

It is clear to me now that the choice about which doors go where was not done by a human.  How could you not put the 24th door on the giant 24 in the picture?  Instead they put it on the 4th day.  Such a disappointment.

Much like the show 24.

Does anyone miss that show?  I didn’t even finish the last season but I can tell you what happens.  Jack kills about 126 guys trying to find the MacGuffin.  The problem is that we couldn’t care less about the MacGuffin (the only time I ever cared was in season 1 and 3), we know that Jack won’t die so there is never any stakes, and we know that everyone around Jack will die so we never get attached to any new characters.

How many times on that show did someone ask for a presidential immunity (is that what it’s called? Presidential pardon, maybe)?  I think it was at least five times a season.  Boring.

The trouble with that show is that it peaked way too early.  They broke out the nuke trouble in the second season.  Where do you go from there?  How do you come up with something worse than a nuke?  Season three was successful. None of the other ones were and they just got progressively worse.

But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch a 24 movie whenever they get around to making one.

Can someone explain to me why trains are Christmassy? Does it have something to do with the motion picture The Polar Express staring a creepy looking computer generated Tom Hanks?

Somehow Christmas became the season of trains and I don’t know why or how, but I think that makes Unstoppable my knew favourite Christmas movie.

Is it just me or is there a shoe horn coming out of the chocolate train?

In celebration of trains and the Christmas joy they bring (Wouldn’t it be cool if instead of a sleigh and reindeer Santa had the time train from Back to the Future III; at least that would explain how he can get to all the children of the world on one night) I will show you a funny clip from SNL making fun of Unstoppable. It also features the best impression of Denzel Washington I have ever seen.

It’s not the best quality but it’s the best I could do for youtube.

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3 Responses to Advent Calendar: The Season of the Train

  1. Dad says:

    Wow, I’m impress, you must have had some “train”ing in calenderology to make such accruate interpretations. I can see where my first impulse to call it a rollerblade with a shoe horn was soooo wrong. You are the master!!

  2. Dad says:

    Thanks a lot!!! now I don’t even want to watch the rest of season 17 where Jack is searching for stock market broker who holds the secrets to the worlds economic future.

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